Pope Francis sees that we have a mindset problem

In recent weeks, the Pope Francis has again expressed the need for urgent action to tackle climate change. He criticised the failing global response to the crisis. He expressed that we remain trapped in the mindset of the past. He is calling out the power structures and the anthropocentric and technocratic mindsets that are the root causes of the situation we find ourselves in today.

Pope Francis is correct. Fundamental change is not currently possible because of mindsets – mindsets trapped in the past; anthropocentric and technocratic mindsets. 

In order to transform our world, perhaps even to save the human species from extinction, we need a radical change of mindset. And to have most impact, we need our leaders to shift in their level of consciousness.  

A shift in consciousness means the following: 

  • Waking up to realise that materialism and consumerism doesn’t bring deep fulfillment to anyone
  • Releasing from the grip of the ego and its unhelpful unconscious impact 
  • Shifting from being ego-driven to being guided by love; from self-interest to focus on the common good.  
  • Releasing so that we are not influenced by our childhood patterns or societal conditioning 
  • Deeply realising the inter-connectedness of all of life 
  • Learning to live and lead from compassion, kindness, authenticity and responsibility 
  • Living and leading consciously in every moment of every day.  

Shifting consciousness is a personal development journey. It’s a journey that brings a dramatically enhanced individual quality of life. And it also has a positive affect for all of those around us and for the planet. It improves who we are, what we do and how we do it. 

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