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We specialise in working with forward-thinking conscious organisations and leaders who are deeply committed to people and planet as well as profit. If you are concerned about the state of our world, and want to make a difference through more impactful, kinder and responsible leadership, we’d love to talk to you. 

Whether you would like a step change in how you lead individually or in how your organisation’s leaders lead – our coaching and leadership programmes are designed to create a quantum shift. We’re here to inspire and challenge you to lead at the highest level. 

1 Inner transformation helps you to better understand your own mind as the foundation for raising your level of consciousness. This journey shifts the very essence of your being, enabling you to be a more calm, clear, considered and considerate leader. This has a positive effect on every area of your life, work and beyond.

2 Outer transformation is about what you do in this world. What do you really care about? What is your deepest purpose? What difference do you want to make? What stand(s) do you want to take to cause significant impact? It’s time to seize the day – carpe diem. 

“Shifting leadership consciousness is the only solution that can protect life as we know it.”

Martin Palethorpe

Conscious Leader Development programme

A group programme for leaders inside your organisation.

We are passionate about helping your leaders to be the powerful conscious leaders that the world needs at this time. This is a unique leadership programme that is designed to cause a radical shift in how people think and feel, which is at the heart of what they do as leaders and how they do it.

This one-year programme will help leaders to:

  • Transform on the inside by understanding how the mind and human experience works
  • Be a more conscious and progressive leader in all situations
  • Unlock each person’s unique way to make a bigger impact for the good of your organisation and for the world

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Conscious Leadership Coaching

One-to-one work for you as an individual. 

We coach leaders who want to play a bigger game. Our aim is to support, challenge, teach, inspire you to lead more consciously, and through this to live and work in harmony with all life on our planet.

We take you on a profound inner journey that alters your understanding of your mind and thereby your entire experience of life. It’s about raising your frequency and shifting your level of consciousness. This inner work becomes the heart of a more conscious life, and more conscious leadership. 

Our Conscious Leadership Coaching also inspires you into action – making the big difference and impact that you aspire to make.

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