Development Offerings

Our programmes and leadership coaching inspire and challenge you to lead at a higher level – to make more difference in your world and in the world.

You may already be a good leader in the conventional sense, but you want to have more impact in the world. You are looking for ways to build that bridge between your intention to want to make a difference and the ways of making that difference. We help you to find that bridge.

We do this by working at two levels: inner transformation & outer impact

We work on inner change, helping you to better understand your own mind as the foundation for shifting your level of consciousness. Being more conscious enables you to be a more calm, clear, considered and considerate leader in all that you do, and this has a positive effect in every area of your life, work and beyond.

We also work on outer change. What do you really care about? What is your deepest purpose? What difference do you want to make? What stand(s) do you want to take to cause significant change?

Whether you would like to make a step change in how you lead individually or with a group of your peers, our coaching and leadership programmes will help you to do this.

Conscious Leadership Development Programme

Our passion is to help you to fully and powerfully be the conscious leader that the world needs at this time. We offer a unique leadership programme that is designed to cause a radical shift in how you think and feel, which drives what you do as a leader and how you do it.

From this programme, you can expect to be:

  • Transformed on the inside by understanding how the mind and human experience works, and then using this in your leadership
  • A more conscious and intelligent leader in all situations
  • Unlock your unique way to make a bigger impact for the good of your organisation and for the world.

Our programme provides you with the platform you’ve been looking for – turning your desires for having a positive effect into reality. We tailor our programme around your specific needs and challenges. You will develop strong bonds during the first modules with a peer group of leaders like yourself. This community will be significant in supporting your inner and outer shifts.

Conscious Leadership Programme Modules:

Module 1 Quality of Mind – the heart of true leadership. An exploration into how the mind works. For more information, visit our sister company webpage
Module 2Being conscious in action. Becoming more aware in the moment of your thinking and actions, and those of others, so that you can fully live into your potential as a powerfully impactful leader.
Module 3Developing the extraordinary leader within. Authentic inner-led leadership, guided by your own power and inner knowing.
Module 4Practical leadership impact (organisation and world). Supporting you into creating practical conscious value for your important stakeholders. 

These modules are complemented with our virtual Leadership Learning Groups as well as individual Conscious Leadership Coaching.

Conscious Leadership Coaching

We are a niche coaching business, focused solely on supporting and coaching leaders at all levels who want to play a bigger game. Our aim is to inspire thousands of leaders to lead more consciously, and through this to live and work in harmony with our planet.

As part of your conscious leadership coaching journey, we will take you on a profound inner journey that shifts your understanding of your mind and your entire experience of life. This inner work becomes the heart of a more conscious life, and more conscious leadership. Raising your frequency and shifting your level of consciousness is the nature of the work.

Conscious leadership coaching then also challenges your outer game, supporting you to make the difference that you dream of.

As a niche coaching business, we specialise in working with conscious organisations and leaders who are deeply committed to people and planet as well as profit . If you are concerned about the state of our world, and want to be a stand for a more impactful, kinder and responsible form of leadership, get in touch with us.

“Shifting leadership consciousness is the only solution that can protect life as we know it.”

Martin Palethorpe