Do you eat lots of jam doughnuts? 

Do you eat lots of jam doughnuts? If no, then stop consuming so much media too… 

It’s known that jam doughnuts are bad for the body. They’ll clog your stomach up. They’ll give you a sugar rush, a short hit of energy, then you’ll have a significant dip. You’ll also put on weight. 

What are we feeding our body? 

Bad food in -> poor performing body -> unconscious actions. 

It’s also known that negative thinking is bad for the mind. If you over-consume social media or the news (especially at the moment) or spend too much time with negative people, you’ll end up feeling down – over-thinking and over-worrying. This isn’t good for the mind. 

It’s like a jam doughnut – clogging up your mind, having you be stressed/overwhelmed, or even depressed. 

What are we feeding our mind? 

Bad information in -> poor performing mind -> unconscious living. 

If we want to live a more conscious life, we need to pay more attention to our unconscious habits and the affects they have on us.

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