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It’s time for change

The world is a challenging place right now. Our planet, our governments, our organisations, our communities, our health and wellbeing – our very future – are all in crisis. It’s obvious to most of us that the path we’re on is unsustainable.

It’s time to think more holistically. To live more lovingly. To work more purposefully. To buy and consume more intentionally. And to lead more consciously, in ways that are aligned with values for building a better world.

It’s also time that we stand up boldly for what we know is needed right now, and that we live lives that inspire us and others everywhere.

Lead consciously

The leadership that got us here won’t take us to where we need to go. Old-style strategies and actions driven by control, greed and self-interest aren’t good enough. We need a shift in consciousness.

Conscious leadership is what happens when we are bold enough to challenge and nurture deep and radical awareness in ourselves. When we focus on our own transformational inner work, we shift the way we see ourselves, others and the world. We lead in a way that has heart, creativity, clarity and conviction, and that has profoundly positive impact on our families, communities, teams, organisations and the world.

Lead for humankind

It’s true that change, on the scale we need, doesn’t happen overnight.

And yet, we can each make a big difference, one step at a time. It starts with each of us. We all have the power. And when we join up with other conscious leaders, the potential for impact is enormous.

Through our thoughts, our words, our choices and our behaviours, we can individually and collectively catalyze a transformed world.

We are a dynamic movement of progressive leaders where ideas flourish, inspiration sparks, and transformation takes flight. Together we rise to become the extraordinary leaders our world needs now.

What we offer


Conscious leadership development programmes designed to cause a quantum shift in how your leaders think, feel and lead.


Coaching, teaching and inspiring individual leaders to lead more consciously for the benefit of people, planet and profit. Align to your deeper purpose, and play a bigger game. 


Come together regularly in your Conscious Leaders group to share, be inspired and learn from and with each other. 

In the News

‘Becoming a Conscious Leader’ (9 min)
‘The Inner Game of Conscious Leadership’ (10 min)

In October 2022 we were interviewed on SIBOS TV about the importance of conscious leadership in the world of finance and banking. SIBOS 2022 brings the global financial community together in a 10,000-strong event. The theme: ‘Progressive Finance for a Changing World’.

Who we are

Conscious Leaders co-founders Martin Palethorpe and Gina Hayden have decades of leadership and coaching experience. As we continue on our own personal conscious journeys, we feel the time is right for us to inspire others to elevate their leadership and impact.

Martin Palethorpe

Martin has over 20 years experience of executive and leadership coaching throughout Europe. His personal journey has encompassed many moments of ‘waking up’, of seeing things differently, of shifting how he thinks, lives and works. So his passion is bringing this to the corporate world. He specialises in running experiential leadership retreats aimed at awakening leaders to deeper realisations to transform leadership, teams and organisations for the greater good.

Gina Hayden

Gina has a deep-rooted interest in conscious leadership, with 25 years of consulting and coaching experience among business leaders and their organisations across the world. She is the author of Becoming a Conscious Leader: How to Lead Successfully in a World that’s Waking Up. Gina feels passionately about inspiring and growing a global community of conscious leaders as a means of facilitating real and sustainable change and shaping a positive future.

What does it take to be an inspiring leader shaping a sustainable future for us all?

Incorporating stories and practical wisdom from over 20 conscious business leaders worldwide, this book will guide you and delight you in the possibilities of expanding your impact and contribution as a leader.

Business has the potential to be a huge force for good in the world.
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